Our Work

Demo Montage

Sizzle reel showcasing imagery from a variety of projects we have created.

Great Again!

Be a Torchbearer!

Americans for Prosperity

Are you ready to light the fire of freedom in America? Join us at AFPTorchbearers.com

Alaskans Deserve Better

Americans for Prosperity

Filmed in Alaska, this ad pointed out the contrast of Senator Mark Begich’s record versus hard working Alaskan’s work ethic.

Romney at Red Rocks

Romney/Ryan 2012 Campaign

Filmed at the historic Red Rocks location, this video captured the energy and spirit of Romney’s rally in the final weeks of the campaign – it garnered 200,000 views in 24 hours – the weekend before the election.


Rob Maness Campaign

30 second ad highlighting Rob’s distinct personality and what makes him a different kind of candidate.

Leslie Rutledge for Attorney General

Leslie Rutledge Campaign

30 second ad featuring the ideals and background of Leslie Rutledge.

Other Guy

Rob Maness Campaign

Humorous ad featuring frustrated Louisiana voters and their message to Washington.

Roar and Response

PassCode Creative

This video highlights the media buzz surrounding the Mama Grizzlies video created by PassCode Creative.

Landrieu Supports Obamacare

Americans For Prosperity

30 second ad instrumental in defeating Senator Mary Landrieu in Louisiana.

Standing for Liberty

Rob Maness Campaign

Web video introducing Colonel Rob Maness and his candidacy for the US Senate.

Obama’s Failing Agenda Bus Tour

Americans For Prosperity

Aggressive and motivational web video capturing the energy of the nationwide bus tour during the 2012 election.

Loaded for Bear


Upbeat web video featuring Governor Palin’s CPAC speech and call to action for the 2014 election.


Republican Leadership Conference 2011

Web promo created to increase attendance at the conference and inspire everyone attending.

Fighting For US

PassCode Creative

Inspiring web video featuring Senator Ted Cruz’s passionate speech on the Senate floor in 2013.

Iowa Passion


Upbeat web video following Governor Sarah Palin around the Iowa State Fair.